Episodes 3 and 4 of Campus Conversations with College Lead

In this series, I interview current students and recent graduates of colleges across the US. I've received many questions about homeschooling, advice for international students, scholarships, and more. Some questions I can answer, but some I can't since I haven't experienced everything myself. This series gives you an opportunity to get those answers.

As my newsletter subscribers, you have a *special* opportunity to submit questions you'd like me to ask and requests for which schools you'd like me to focus on. Just submit an entry for this form. I read every single suggestion and have already written blog posts and made videos addressing them. I am editing a video from a homeschooler who is currently pursuing a PhD in Botany and have interviews planned with students from Georgia Tech, MIT, Stanford, and more. 

The next two episodes have been posted!

In the third episode, I interview Edward Li, a recent graduate from Brown University. He studied Computer Science and is a first generation college student. One of Edward's high school mentors shared the admission officer perspective. This greatly helped him in the college app process. Edward shares that perspective and additional insights in this video.

In the fourth episode, I interview Arlesia McGowan, a recent graduate from Harvard. She shares what it is like being a black student in fine arts and at Harvard. She had an unfortunate experience with racism while doing research for her thesis but has come out stronger because of it. She is now working on an after school program and is seeking volunteers who are interested in the arts and entrepreneurship. You can find her contact information in the description of the video. 

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