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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge? 

My rate today is $110/hour. This may increase depending on how fast of a turnaround you need. 

Do you only work with students who are aiming for the Ivy League? 

Nope! I work with students who are interested in all types of schools. I've helped students transfer from community college to a state school. I have also guided students through their transfer applications. 

I care much more about your dedication and openness to feedback than the school you're aiming for. 

Can you tell me what my chances are of getting into Harvard (or any other school)? 

No. Chance me's are often only useful for unhealthy comparisons and overthinking. With schools as competitive as Harvard, keep in mind that there will always be more students who apply than there are seats available. There's an element of chance that is beyond our control. I'm also not an admission officer. 

Instead, I focus on what's actually something we can control: I will help you refine and polish your profile to present the best version of yourself to college admission officers. 

What happens if I am not selected to work with you? 

If you have taken the time to fill out the interest form, it's very unlikely that I said no due to fit. Most of the time, I have to turn away students due to my limited capacity. 

What do you help students with? 

I specialize in helping you craft and present the best part of yourself to college admissions. I focus on personal essays, activity descriptions, and (if needed) explanations in the Additional Information section. As a former Harvard alumni interviewer, I can also help you prepare for your college interviews. 

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