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Rate your extracurricular activities

I was fortunate to receive an "Outstanding" rating for my EC's in my Harvard admission file and be surrounded by very talented and hard working peers in the Ivy League. I share what I learned in this document to help you optimize your EC's.  

College List Template

Academic Calendar Template

Use this to keep track of your college application deadlines! Clicking "Download" will take you to a Googel Sheets page. There, click "File" then "Make a Copy" to get started. 

Resume Template - for high schoolers

It's generally best practice to send your resume to teachers whom you're asking to asking a recommendation letter. You may also need to submit a resume for a summer opportunity.

Resume Template - for college students

This is also great for high school seniors. In college, you will find yourself sending resumes to professors you want to do research for, internships, club applications, summer programs, and more.

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